Amber Winslett

Amber Winslett

Amber Winslett
Mortgage Manager
NMLS #: 568312

569 Brookwood Village
Suite 705
Birmingham, AL35209
Phone: 205.946.2789
Fax: 205.946.2827


Growing up, I never knew owning a home was an option. Once I achieved it myself, I wanted to help every person realize that they, too, could be a homeowner. It’s incredibly fulfilling to walk someone through the process and teach them what it takes to reach their goal. Buying a home is a learning process, and it’s also an emotional one. I love being there for people as they take the journey.



  • Has worked with mortgages since 2006
  • Born, raised and still lives in Moody, AL
  • Loves the outdoors, especially gardening
  • Volunteers with Moody Miracle League

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