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When Your Child has Special Needs, You Need Exceptional Financial Planning

Parents do everything in their power to ensure a good life for their children. But some children with disabilities may never become fully independent. How can families plan for a future that’s often uncertain? It can seem insurmountable, but with the right approach and the right kind of help, they can put the pieces in place to prepare for the rest of their child's life.

Health & Benefit: How much should I put in my HSA?

For many people, fall is the time for selecting health insurance benefits for the following calendar year. If you have selected a high deductible health plan (HDHP) that qualifies for a health savings account (HSA), you might be wondering, “How much should I put in my health savings account?” Our partner for Pinnacle’s new Health & Benefits offerings, WEX, Inc., offers some tips. The short answer is that you should contribute the maximum prorated amount allowed by the IRS, if that’s financially viable for you.

Donor Advised Funds: How Anyone Can Set Up Their Own Charitable Private Foundation

We all want to do more to support our communities and favorite nonprofits, but most of us aren’t wealthy enough to start a private foundation. Or are we? Take a look at this easy, affordable solution for an on-going fund that solidifies your legacy of giving.

What Affluent Families Need to Know about 529 Plans for College Savings

Even for families with the means to pay for tuition outright, college savings plans can carry major advantages. 529 savings plans are designed to be flexible and can be long-lasting, which brings specific benefits for affluent families. Here are some lesser-known ways to use a 529 plan to fund education expenses.

Rising Interest Rates: What Investors Need to Know

In the last few years of economic recovery, the benchmark interest rate has slowly inched upward to keep growth in check and inflation under control. Rates remain an important factor for investors to watch so they can rebalance their portfolios. Here are two possibilities to keep an eye on.

Could you be more diversified? Alternative investments may improve your portfolio.

Many investors could improve their portfolios through alternative investments - anything that's not a stock, bond or cash. Let’s take a look at two of the alternative options we typically explore with clients.

Legacy or lifestyle: What do you want to do with your wealth?

You have money, and it’s socked away in various investments and accounts. So what’s the end game? What is all this money for, and are you teed up to achieve that ultimate goal?

How to Cash in on Your Business While Keeping Its Future Secure

You business is poised for continued growth and prosperity, and it provides you with a healthy income. Now what?

How to Grow Your Business and Your Nest Egg at the Same Time

Many business owners face the same dilemma: What’s the proper balance of investing in your business and building your own personal nest egg?

3 Questions to Ask About Your Company Stock

Compensation isn’t always straight forward. When you reach a certain level of success, the way you are paid for your work gets more complicated. Even if you think you have it figured out, those complications could mean you’re missing important opportunities.

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