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Estate and Retirement Planning Changes in 2015

A new year often brings changes to retirement and estate planning tax laws. 2015 is no different. Find out what’s changed so you can take advantage of deductions and credits, as well as effectively manage your retirement planning and possible estate/inheritance tax burden.

Prepare Your Portfolio for Rising Rates

If improving economic signals are any indication, the Federal Reserve could raise interest rates by the middle of 2015. Here are some steps you can consider to prepare your portfolio for the possibility of rising rates.

5 Ways to Profit from Dividend Stocks

When’s the last time you reviewed your stock portfolio? Do you know how much income you’re generating from dividends? Here are five ways you can update your dividend strategy.

5 Answers to Equity Income FAQs

The dividend element of stocks is often overlooked, but it’s an important part of a successful strategy. Learn more about how equity income differs from other types of portfolios and who should consider this model.

5 Questions Investors Should Ask about Bonds

Bonds may not be the first thing that comes to mind when investors think about their portfolio, but they are an important part of the allocation mix.

6 Money Management Strategies for Retirees

Many people focus their sights on retirement, but the work doesn’t stop there. Here are some strategies for retirees to make the most of what they have saved and make sure it lasts.

Review Investments in Times of Uncertainty

The million-dollar question is “Where should I invest?” That depends on your individual needs and concerns. This would be a good time to review your portfolio with your investment advisor.

Retirement Planning: Take an Inventory of Income and Assets

Making sure that your income in retirement is sufficient to cover your expenses is a critical consideration in deciding whether or not you can afford to make the big transition.

3 Factors Make Equity Income a Viable Strategy

There’s no doubt the past few years have been challenging for most investors. At the same time, three factors have created an opportunity for those who are looking for investments that generate cash.

The Key to Your Business Continuation Plan

Every business owner envisions what it will take to help the company succeed for years to come. Unfortunately, many business owners don’t think about what would happen to their company if a key employee passed away.

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