Estate and Retirement Planning Changes in 2015

A new year often brings changes to retirement and estate planning tax laws. 2015 is no different. Find out what’s changed so you can take advantage of deductions and credits, as well as effectively manage your retirement planning and possible estate/inheritance tax burden.

Lower Oil Prices Benefit Consumers, Increase Risks

The big story in the fourth quarter was that commodity prices continued to fall rapidly from their peak in the second quarter. Find out more about the effects of falling oil prices on the economy and get an outlook for 2015.

Prepare Your Portfolio for Rising Rates

If improving economic signals are any indication, the Federal Reserve could raise interest rates by the middle of 2015. Here are some steps you can consider to prepare your portfolio for the possibility of rising rates.

Fed on the Brink of Making Big Changes

Stronger auto and durable sales drove the markets' improved performance in the second quarter. Unless the economy falters again, we believe the Federal Open Market Committee will raise the federal funds rate in 2015. Learn more about what's ahead for the economy by reading Mac Johnston's latest Investment Overview.

Cold Winter Put a Chill on Economy in First Quarter

The coldest winter in 20 years contributed to the markets' bumpy start in the first quarter. Learn more about housing and unemployment and what's ahead for the rest of the year.

Fed's Decision to Taper Affects Bonds, Mortgages

The combination of steady economic growth and continued monetary accommodation by the Fed drove stocks to new highs in 2013. Get an overview of how the economy fared in the fourth quarter and what's ahead for 2014.

Government Shutdown Could Reduce GDP Growth

The recent government shutdown will affect the economy in the short term, but the debt ceiling agreement means there will be little long-term effect. Read more about 3Q13 and what's ahead for 2014.

5 Ways to Profit from Dividend Stocks

When’s the last time you reviewed your stock portfolio? Do you know how much income you’re generating from dividends? Here are five ways you can update your dividend strategy.

5 Answers to Equity Income FAQs

The dividend element of stocks is often overlooked, but it’s an important part of a successful strategy. Learn more about how equity income differs from other types of portfolios and who should consider this model.

5 Questions Investors Should Ask about Bonds

Bonds may not be the first thing that comes to mind when investors think about their portfolio, but they are an important part of the allocation mix.

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