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Podcast: 5 Ways to Protect Your Phone or Tablet from Cyber Threats

Most people are careful about security on their computers but don’t realize that security on mobile phones and tablets is just as important. Mobile devices are basically mini computers, and you need to take similar precautions when checking personal or business e-mail, downloading apps or banking on the go.

Here are five things you can do to secure your mobile device:

  1. Protect your data in case of a loss or theft
  2. Use anti-virus programs
  3. Connect to secure Wi-Fi and disable Wi-Fi when not in use
  4. Use caution when downloading apps
  5. Never unlock the default security settings

Listen to the podcast using the audio player below for more information about each of these methods.

Can’t see the podcast player? Click here.

Independent review sites for mobile anti-malware, referenced in the podcast:



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