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Targeted Debit Card Fraud Attempt

Protect your card number. Don’t give it unsolicited.

Beginning this afternoon, Pinnacle has received numerous reports of a targeted fraud attempt. An automatic phone dialer is calling phone numbers in the Middle Tennessee area and stating there has been recent fraud on your "Pinnacle debit card." You are instructed to call a number and provide your debit card number and PIN for verification. This is a scam.

Rest assured, Pinnacle's systems have NOT been compromised or hacked.

There are lots of scams out there. If you recently received an automated phone call asking for your account number and PIN, it was not from Pinnacle. If you have responded to a solicitation with your personal information, please contact us immediately at our published Client Service Center number (800-264-3613). 

As a reminder, a Pinnacle representative will never initiate contact with you outside of our offices – by phone, by mail or by email – to ask (or insist) you respond to us and provide sensitive personal information. We may ask you to verify some information when you call us to ensure your identity.

For more information on how to protect yourself against common scams, visit our online Fraud and Security Center at

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