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New Tax Scam

Everyone is well aware that federal taxes are due on April 15. Fraudsters know this deadline, and they also understand that most citizens want to pay the taxes they owe in full without hassle from the Internal Revenue Services (IRS).

A new type of fraud has been occurring lately where scam artists call unsuspecting taxpayers and pose as belligerent IRS staffers. The callers insist that the taxpayer owes more money and that they must load what they owe onto a prepaid debit card and send it to the address given.

The IRS wants to be extremely clear that it won’t call and demand that anyone put money on a GreenDot card or other prepaid card. In addition, the IRS conducts official matters primarily through the U.S. Postal Service, not phone or email.

For more information, please read this related article from USA Today:

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