Avoid Telephone Scams with These Tips

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Avoid Telephone Scams with These Tips

Anyone with a phone is familiar with the nuisance of robocalls, unsolicited telemarketing calls and scammers seeking quick cash through a variety of fraudulent claims. Some even pretend to be the FBI, the IRS or law enforcement—or even your bank. The number you see on your caller ID can even be false (a practice called “spoofing”), appearing to be from reputable businesses like Pinnacle.

Remember that Pinnacle will never contact you by phone to ask for your bank account number, Social Security number, debit/credit card number or PIN. Never provide this information to someone who contacts you to request it. If you answer one of these calls, don't press any numbers and don’t provide them with any information. Simply hang up.

If you ever need to verify that the information you’ve received in a call, text or email is legitimate, call the Pinnacle Client Service Center directly using the number you see on PNFP.com. Do not call any number they give you, as it could lead to an impersonator.

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