Pinnacle is the No. 1 Workplace in Atlanta

Pinnacle is the No. 1 Workplace in Atlanta

September 06, 2022

Pinnacle Financial Partners has been named the No. 1 Best Place to Work in Atlanta. The Atlanta Business Chronicle announced the ranking this week in the culmination of its annual competition to find the region’s top workplaces. This is the first year the firm has earned the top spot on the list. Last year, Pinnacle came in at No. 15 for its first time in the competition.

“This is a milestone for us in Atlanta,” said Rob Garcia, Pinnacle’s regional president for Georgia.   “Creating a place where associates are excited to come to work speaks to our world class culture and the hard work of each of our associates. The passion for developing deep connections with each other and with clients is universal. It makes Pinnacle a magnet for the best talent in the region, and clients can feel the difference in the level of service they get every day.”

Pinnacle associates in Atlanta have consistently given their workplace culture high marks. They had this to say on the anonymous survey this year.

“People are treated with respect, kindness and love. Yes, love. We love and care for each other, and that in turn makes us love and care for our clients. Pinnacle gets this like no place I have ever been.”

“Pinnacle’s culture aligns with my values. Pinnacle cares about people, and when you care about people and always try to do the right thing for the person, all the other things fall in place. Pinnacle is honestly the best place I’ve ever worked.”

“Our employees get to suggest projects that are special to us. We recently did a food drive to assist veterans. One of our associates is a veteran, and he was able to lead the effort. We all participated to help those in need but also to honor our colleague!”

The Atlanta Business Chronicle’s Best Places to Work program measures a wide range of research validated workplace factors that impact employee engagement and satisfaction. Best Places to Work foster a workplace where employees willingly go above and beyond in their work, advocate for the organization and intend to stay in the future.