Pinnacle is a 2023 Leader in Diversity for Central North Carolina

Pinnacle is a 2023 Leader in Diversity for Central North Carolina

May 17, 2023

Pinnacle Financial Partners has been named a Leader in Diversity for 2023 by the Triad Business Journal. The firm is one of only three to earn recognition in the category of Outstanding Diversity & Inclusion (Public Companies) for its work to “bolster equality across all areas of diversity, including age, disability, gender, sexual orientation, race, religion and socio-economic backgrounds.”

“Our vision is to be the best place to work in the Southeast, which means we need to create a great workplace for all our associates, regardless of who they are,” said Eva Ogden, Pinnacle’s diversity, equity and inclusion advisor for the Carolinas and Virginia region. “We’ve taken so many big steps forward as a firm to find and develop talent in all corners and increase our focus on equity both inside and out. Still, we realize DEI is not a program that ever comes to an end. Many more opportunities for growth and progress lie in front of us, and we’re committed to continuing the work.

“What’s worked so far in creating a culture of belonging and acceptance is the same secret that has made Pinnacle so successful. We connect at the heart with our coworkers and clients, demonstrating genuine care for them as individuals and working together to extend that connection and support for the communities we serve.”

Since 2020, Pinnacle has built a team to integrate DEI awareness and practices into the firm’s policies and processes. That team also built DEI councils in each market where Pinnacle operates made up of associates with a passion for continuously advancing equity in their work.

“More than 175 associates firmwide have volunteered to serve on our councils, acting as local thought leaders and building opportunities for our associates to learn from and connect with one another in meaningful ways,” Ogden said. “They are the ones who help bring it home for each of our associates and widen the impact so we can reach our goals and keep Pinnacle as a top tier workplace for all.”

Pinnacle’s work in the DEI sphere has paid numerous dividends to the workplace culture. According to a 2022 Great Place to Work® survey of associates:

  • 98% of respondents say associates are treated fairly regardless of sexual orientation (GPTW benchmark is 96%).
  • 91% believe promotions go to those who best deserve them (GPTW benchmark is 77%).
  • 93% believe management genuinely seeks and responds to suggestions and ideas (GPTW benchmark is 84%).

The same survey measured Pinnacle associates’ positive responses on all questions related to these specific focus areas:

  • Impartiality: 91% (GPTW benchmark: 79%)
  • Equity: 94% (GPTW benchmark: 81%)
  • Respect: 95% (GPTW benchmark: 86%)
  • Fairness: 95% (GPTW benchmark: 85%)
  • Caring: 96% (GPTW benchmark: 88%)
  • Integrity: 97% (GPTW benchmark: 87%)
  • Justice: 97% (GPTW benchmark: 91%)
  • Leadership Behavior: 97% (GPTW benchmark: 88%)

According to Pinnacle’s own internal surveys:

  • 93.1% of associates overall agree or strongly agree that our firm’s policies and practices ensure fair treatment for all associates.
    • 90% of minorities
    • 92% of women
  • 90.2% of associates agree or strongly agree that when they offer an idea, it will be fully considered.
    • 87% of minorities
    • 89% of women
  • 89.1% of associates agree or strongly agree that they contribute to important decisions.
    • 86% of minorities
    • 89% of women

Full survey results, including responses broken down by demographic, are available at