Kristin Cavallari on Why Pinnacle Feels Like Family

Kristin Cavallari on Why Pinnacle Feels Like Family

Kristin Cavallari spent much of her life as a television star. Now she's an entrepreneur with thriving retail, fashion and lifestyle businesses. To help manage their growth, Kristin needed a trusted financial partner.

Kristin Cavallari had already had quite a career. After years starring on television, she was looking for what came next.

When talking about starting her retail brand, Uncommon James, she is remarkably straightforward.

“Really, at the time, I was a stay-at-home mom and I just needed something to do.”

Now more than two years in, with three permanent locations and a long-term pop-up, the brand is still growing quickly.

“We have a show on E! called Very Cavallari that highlighted the company, and so that really just catapulted us to the next level. The growth has been really incredible, and for us it happened really quickly.”

To help manage that growth and keep up with the complications that come with it, Kristin needed a trusted financial partner like Amy Dodgen at Pinnacle.

“We needed a strong bank,” she says, “and what I love so much about Pinnacle, and Amy in particular, is that there’s this sense of personalization.

“I’ve always felt this-- it’s almost like a family with Pinnacle and with Amy. She really just connects with me on a deeper level. … It’s about building that connection and forming a bond with someone so that there is that trust.”

“I am a relationship person,” Amy says. “I really enjoy creating a bond with my clients. It’s not just straight business it’s ‘How are your kids?’ and ‘How was your vacation?’ It’s all sorts of things that encompass that relationship. You need to get to know people and who they are. They’re a person regardless of their stature or status in life.”

“She really makes me feel like I’m her only client,” Kristin says. “She’s there the second I need her. She gets things done. She’s also just so sweet and warm and welcoming and just everything that you would want in a banker, the person who’s handling your money.

“She’s not just my banker. She’s a woman. She has a family. You know this is a real person, which makes it really nice.”