Knowing Our Clients Means Knowing When to Help

Knowing Our Clients Means Knowing When to Help

After an injury, a Pinnacle client needed a helping hand to keep her business running. Clarissa Pryor went the extra mile to do the right thing.

“We knew she was going out of the country on vacation with her family, and we didn’t hear from her for a while,” Clarissa said. “We got a little concerned, and we noticed that her family was coming in to make the deposits instead of her.”

So she struck up a conversation with the family and found out that her client had suffered a significant injury, had been in the hospital for an extended stay and would be unable to leave home for quite some time after that. They knew she would need help.

To start, Clarissa took up a collection for some flowers to brighten her day and delivered them directly to the hospital. From there, she started thinking about what she would need next.

“We helped a lot as far as email, phone calls just to send wires that she needed to keep her business together. Deposits, any cash that she needed – we understood she couldn’t come to the bank, but we made it possible that her kids could do most of her banking for her.”

Because Clarissa knows her clients, knows their habits and can recognize when something isn’t right, she was set up to make just the right connections when they were needed most.

“We were able to keep her business afloat and keep it running smoothly until she was able to get back to it.”