Pinnacle Offices Reopening

Welcome Back

For office appointments, closures and other pandemic response information, please visit

As our communities have begun to reopen and vaccine progress continues, we have reopened our lobbies to fully serve you.

As always, you can continue to use our drive-thru service. We also have online and mobile banking options to take care of most of your needs. 

Our Client Service Center is also ready to serve your needs by phone.

Thank you for your loyalty and patience during this difficult time.


What to Expect When Visiting a Pinnacle Office

You are welcome to visit us inside to conduct your business. Before you go, you should know what to expect.

We kindly ask you to consider these questions.

Within the last 14 days, have you had:

  • a fever, cough or shortness of breath?
  • close contact with anyone who has a positive COVID-19 test?
  • close contact with anyone who has symptoms of COVID-19?

If so, please do not visit us in person or at our drive-thru.

If you are not sick but are caring for someone in a high-risk group, please consider using our drive-thru instead of the lobby.

If you come inside, we have a few new rules in the office and ask for your cooperation in sticking to them for everyone’s health and safety.

We wear masks, and we ask that you do, too.
We believe that masks are one of the best ways to reduce the risk of community spread. We’ll wear them every day and ask that you put one on, too, even if you have been vaccinated. If you don’t have one, we will give you one. If you are unable to or prefer not to wear a mask, you are welcome to transact business with us via our drive thru.

We may also ask you to briefly lower your mask:

  • When you enter, for security reasons (this is a bank, after all)
  • For a brief moment during your transaction so we can know it’s really you

We all keep at least 6 feet of distance and put plexiglass between us.
We also believe in the power of social distancing. We have markings on the floor to help spread people out and plexiglass shields at most or all desks. We clean them often.

Only a few clients at a time are allowed inside.
To make sure we can keep up with social distancing, we limit the number of clients we allow inside at any one time. If we’re at capacity, we may ask you to wait outside for a moment until some folks leave. You’ve probably encountered this at other places of business.

We will close our public restrooms.
We always do our best to keep them clean, but we are temporarily closing our restrooms out of an abundance of caution. Prepare accordingly before you visit.

Help us stop the spread of germs.
We have hand sanitizer stations available in every office. We use them and ask that you do, too.

We’ve done what we can to preserve the open and welcoming feeling we like to provide, balanced with some simple, common-sense safety precautions to keep each other safe. We know not everyone will agree, but we're taking the steps we can to ensure everyone feels comfortable and safe in our offices.

Like you, we’re eager to get back to “business as usual,” which we hope is not too far away.

You can still expect a personal experience. You might not be able to see it, but we’re still smiling underneath our masks.

“Kindness and consideration cost nothing but
mean everything to someone who needs it.”

Reopened Offices

All Pinnacle offices are fully reopened.

You can use our Location Search to find the office closest to you. 

For an up to date list of offices that are closed due to COVID-19 exposure, visit our Pandemic Response page

All offices are still offering drive-thru service. Our Client Service Centers are also open and ready to serve your needs by phone.

If you can't or don't want to visit in person, we have online and mobile banking options to take care of most of your needs.