Find Some Ease in Open Enrollment

If you’re a human resource or benefits professional, open enrollment period can feel like you’re herding sheep. And because open enrollment happens annually, with changes in plans and people, it can feel like you’re starting at square one--complete with lost sheep—every single time.

Between minding the compliance regulations and deadlines, managing all the paperwork and educating employees who may not have taken the time to read it, open enrollment can be stressful for everyone involved.

How can you reduce the stress for you and your flock?

Pinnacle | Health & Benefits hosted a webinar this month titled Learning to Love Open Enrollment (or at least not hate it!). Watch the video below for:

  1. Principles of human learning
  2. Tips on educational styles and frequency that will best “stick” with employees
  3. Online and software resources to support your work
  4. Ways to stay sane as the open enrollment shepherd



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