Small Business Pandemic Toolkit

Small Business Pandemic Toolkit

Small Business Pandemic Toolkit

Business owners around the world are working through challenges without precedent. The COVID-19 pandemic has shut them down, cut their cash flow to a fraction--or even zero--and left question marks of when they'll be able to reopen or for how long. 

The keys to getting through the pandemic, and the economic downturn that accompanies it, will be resilience and adaptation. No one knows how long it will last or how sharply the effects will be felt. So it's up to us, America's business leaders and entrepreneurs, working together with trusted financial advisors, CPAs and attorneys, to make sure our companies weather the storm and come out the other side stronger than before.

We hope the advice and tools collected on this page are helpful in some way. Once you've reviewed them and found which parts most apply to your business, reach out to your financial advisor to start talking about a plan of action. 

Working together as partners, we will get through this.


Effective Advice

The Latest on PPP and Forgiveness

Beyond PPP: What Businesses Can Get from the CARES Act

Small Business Survival Tactics for a Crisis

Avoid running out of money and manage your cash flow in a crisis

5 ways to fix your operating cash burn

Shift your business to a seasonal model for pandemic uncertainty

Prep your business for a socially distant world with online sales, delivery, curbside and new ways to take payments

Get tight control over your company’s cash flow

Schemes, scams and fraud on the rise during the COVID-19 pandemic


COVID-19 Resources from Mastercard
Mastercard has gathered advisory resources, special offers from their partners and other tools for small business owners to use as they navigate the pandemic economy.

Main Street Resource Center

Offers from Mastercard Partners: Resources for Running Your Business

Cybersecurity for Your Small Business


Helpful Tools & Templates

Break-even Calculator

Profit Increase Calculator

Monthly Cash Flow Forecast

SWOT Analysis Template

Webinars: Personal & Business Advice