Overdraft Protection

Overdraft Protection

Prevent potential trouble and embarrassment – not to mention fees – with a little extra protection.

Overdrafts can happen to anyone. They could come from a mistake balancing your checkbook, an unexpected expense or any number of unwelcome surprises. Regardless, no one likes having a purchase declined or a check returned. It’s embarrassing and can ruin your whole day.

It’s also avoidable. You can protect yourself and your checking account with overdraft protection.

We can link your personal or business checking account to another account of your choice: Pinnacle checking, savings, money market or even an overdraft line of credit. This is your “protector” account that moves money to checking when there’s an insufficient balance to pay for an item. Funds are transferred in $100 increments to cover what you need to buy.

Here’s the best part: We won’t charge you a fee for this service. All you have to do is keep money available in the protector account or line of credit.

To set up your overdraft protection, call us. You can also apply for an overdraft line of credit right here.