Set Up a Travel Plan in Online Banking

Got travel plans?

Enter them into Debit Card Center so your card "knows" where you'll be.

If you are planning to use your debit card outside of your normal geographic location, you can set up travel plans in Mobile or Online Banking, designating dates and locations where you plan to use your activated debit card. This helps ensure that your debit card transactions are not flagged as suspicious when used during specified travel.

To find Debit Card Center in Online Banking, look for the tab along the blue bar. In the mobile app, click the blue square quick link "View Cards."

When you first access Debit Card Center, you’ll be presented with a brief video while your debit 
card(s) are automatically being enrolled in our card management service.

To set up a travel plan:

  • Click Manage Travel Plans > Add Travel Plan +. Since this exempts your card from additional scrutiny, a security token is required to proceed. Choose either your mobile number or email address associated with your card and click Next. 
  • Choose your Destinations – these can be domestic states or countries, and you can add up to 15 destinations in a single travel plan.

  • Then choose your Date of Departure and Date of Return. Your travel plan cannot exceed 30 days. If you will travel longer than 30 days, add an additional travel plan. 
  • Click Submit to save your plan. 
  • Once you submit, you can modify or delete your plan by navigating to the Manage Travel Plans link.

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