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Don’t Risk Your Retirement: Financial Planning is for Everyone

Popular opinion says young people have more trouble saving for retirement compared to older generations. That’s a myth. Plenty of people at every age are equally unprepared. You don’t have to be rich or close to retirement to work with a financial planner. In fact, the earlier the better.

Working Longer May Help You Prosper

No one typically dreams of toiling away at the office after they’ve hit full retirement age, but working for a few more years could make a big difference in your post-retirement lifestyle.

6 Money Management Strategies for Retirees

Here are some strategies for retirees to make the most of what they have saved and make sure it lasts.

10 Things You Need to Know about Social Security

Here are 10 facts everyone should know about Social Security before making any retirement plans.

5 Factors in Making Long-Term Care Decisions

Many people will need long-term care at some point in their life to perform daily activities. Here are five factors to consider when making your plans.

Making Decisions on Long-Term Care Insurance

Deciding whether to buy long-term care insurance is a complicated process. Factors such as your age, health status and whether you can afford the premiums now and in the future are important.

Understanding Long-Term Care Options

Long-term care refers to all kinds of help that people with chronic illnesses, disabilities or other conditions need to function each day over a long period of time.

Medicare at a Glance

Learn more about the federal-run health insurance program, including eligibility rules and the different coverage types.

Four Costly but Easily Avoidable Mistakes

These four retirement mistakes can be expensive, but they’re easy to control. Find out what can you do before it's too late.

Maximizing Your Retirement Income

The decisions you make just preceding and after retirement can have a huge effect on income for the rest of your life.

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