Pinnacle Health & Benefits HSA

Pinnacle Health & Benefits HSA

HSA Conversion Details

We want to make your introduction to Pinnacle | Health & Benefits a great experience. Below are instructions and information about your new account.

Step 1: When you receive your new Pinnacle | Health & Benefits debit card in the mail in November or early December, call the number on the front to activate it and put it in a safe place. Continue to use your existing HSA debit card until it arrives.

Step 2: Visit to create a username and password for the secure online portal under "New User?" At this time you will review and approve the disclosures for the new account and review or edit your beneficiaries.

In the consumer portal you can:

  • View account balances
  • Make transactions
  • Manage your investments
  • Reimburse yourself to a personal bank account or pay your provider
  • Update your personal information
  • Order debit cards for dependents
  • Access online, monthly account summary reports and annual tax reporting
  • Use the Expense Tab to organize, manage and track expenses
  • And much more!

* If you previously had direct deposit for your reimbursements from your HSA and you would like to continue receiving reimbursements by direct deposit (rather than a paper check mailed to you), follow the steps in “Add a Bank Account” in the Pinnacle | Health & Benefits Consumer Guide.

**Some of your account terms changed on Nov. 20. Please read the summary of changes carefully to ensure you understand how they affect you. Full copies of the items referenced in the summary of changes can be accessed below:

Step 3: Use your new Pinnacle | Health & Benefits debit card for your qualified healthcare transactions. The card will only work for qualified expenses, a list of which can be found here. You can use your old card in the meantime.

Step 4: Download our Pinnacle | Health & Benefits mobile app. You can find it in the Apple app store here or Google Play store here.

The Pinnacle | Health & Benefits Consumer Guide is available here.

Questions? Please contact our Client Service Center for Health & Benefits at 888-282-2605.

The team is available 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. CT Monday - Friday.

Account FAQs

  • How will my account access change?

    You are able to access your account using the new Pinnacle | Health & Benefits online portal. You can access it from the "Sign into Other Systems" dropdown on (click on "Health & Benefits"). You will have to create a username and password under "New User?" and accept the agreements. You can also download the mobile app to access your account on the go. You can find it here for Apple or here for Google/Android.

    Health & Benefits app icon

  • Will my account terms be the same?

    The terms and conditions of your account that you received when you opened your HSA have been revised slightly. Effective Nov. 20, our phone number and mailing address will change to 888-282-2605 and Pinnacle Bank, Health & Benefits PO Box 2863 Fargo, ND 58108-2863. In addition, items will be processed in the order in which they are received (first in, first out). Please note that a $1 monthly charge will be assessed for the receipt of paper periodic statements. To avoid this $1 charge, please enroll in electronic statements. You can view the notice of change in terms here.

  • Is my account number changing?

    Yes. Your new account number is 14 digits. To get your new account number, add an 88 to the beginning of your existing account number, then add as many zeros as you need for the total digits to equal 14. For example, if your current account number is 123456, your new account number will be 88000000123456 (88+000000+123456). You can find your current account number in Pinnacle's online banking or your account opening documentation. After you log into the new portal, you can find it under Accounts, then Account Summary. In the Health Savings Account box, you'll see your masked number. Hit "view" to see the full number.

  • What will the new routing number be?

    You'll use this routing number as of Nov. 20, 2019: 064009254

  • I'm having trouble logging into the portal. What should I do?

    If you've tried to log into the new portal but couldn't get in, it may be for one of the following reasons:

    Are you logging into the right place? The direct link is It is also available under the “Sign into Other System" dropdown on the homepage of and is named “Health & Benefits."

    Are you using your online banking credentials? You will need to register in the new portal by choosing the “Create your username and password" link under “New User?"

    Are you using your nickname? Try using your legal name instead (Jonathan, not John).

    Are you trying to log in for the first time in the app instead of a computer? For the best experience, use a web browser on a PC.

    If none of the above addresses the issue, please call our Client Service Center for Health & Benefits at 888-282-2605. They are available from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. CT Monday - Friday.

  • Will my contributions continue to go to the new account when it is converted?

    Yes. Your balance and two years of transaction history on your former HSA rolled over into the new one, and your contributions will go to the new HSA.

  • I want to be sure I contribute the maximum pre-tax funds allowed by the end of 2019. What are the limits?

    The 2019 limits set by the IRS are $3,500 for individual HDHP policy holders and $7,000 for family HDHP policy holders. In 2020, the limits will be $3,550 for individual HDHP policy holders and $7,100 for family HDHP policy holders.

  • Will I still access my HSA through Pinnacle's online and mobile banking?

    If you choose not to log into the portal directly, you'll be able to access the Health & Benefits portal through a link in online banking. This link is not live today but will be available soon. Your HSA account will not be accessible through Pinnacle's mobile app--you'll want to download our Health & Benefits app for that. You can find it here for Apple or here for Google/Android.

    Health & Benefits app icon

  • Will I be able to access my HSA via mobile device?

    Yes. The Pinnacle | Health & Benefits app is available for multiple smartphones and tablets, including iPhone, iPad and Android devices. You can find it here for Apple or here for Google/Android.

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  • Can I still transfer money from my HSA to another deposit account?

    Yes. Within the Pinnacle | Health & Benefits portal, you can transfer funds easily between your HSA and other Pinnacle deposit accounts. You can also set up an external transfer to move funds between your HSA and a deposit account at another financial institution.

  • What should I do if I have recurring payments set up?

    If you make these payments from your HSA, you will need to update that information with your new account and routing number. You can pay bills in the Health & Benefits portal; you will not be able to use the Bill Pay feature in Pinnacle's online banking. You can continue to use Bill Pay in online banking for your other, non-HSA accounts.

  • Can I still pay with my HSA checks?

    We will no longer issue HSA checks. You can make payments from your HSA with your new Pinnacle | Health & Benefits debit card or through the online portal. If you make payments from another account, you can pay yourself back by completing an HSA reimbursement form.

  • How can I make a payment or purchase using HSA funds?

    You can use any of the methods below to access HSA funds:

    Health & Benefits debit card - Use it to make IRS-qualified medical purchases at approved merchants.

    Health & Benefits portal - Set up bill payments and external transfers to reimburse other deposit accounts.

    ACH - Have funds automatically transferred from your HSA to another Pinnacle or external deposit account.

    ATM - Withrdaw up to $500 a day from your HSA with your Health & Benefits debit card at an ATM. If you use a non-Pinnacle ATM, you may be charged a fee.

  • Can I still visit a Pinnacle location for my HSA after Nov. 20?

    Our specialized Client Service Center for Health & Benefits (888-282-2605) will be the best place to call with questions. You can also use the online portal to transfer funds, check balances, order a debit card and more. In our offices, you can ask questions about the portal, make a deposit to your HSA and start the enrollment process for a new account. You will not be able to close your HSA and receive the cash in the office, but we can provide a distribution or transfer form. You also will not be able to receive a debit card via instant issue in the office.

  • What if someone else helps me manage my account?

    Every HSA is an individually owned account. However, you may authorize someone else to help manage your account through Power of Attorney or as an authorized user. If you have authorized someone else to access your account, keep the following in mind:

    If they currently have a debit card for your HSA, they will be issued a new one when you are issued your new card in November. If you want them to retain the same access to your accounts as before, please complete the Authorized Representative/HIPAA or Power of Attorney forms found in the consumer portal.

    The new Health & Benefits portal will not offer options for multiple usernames and passwords. If you choose to provide an authorized user access, note that using your password has the same effect as your signature to authorize transactions. If you share your username and apassword with someone else, they will have full access to your HSA. You do not have the ability to limit transactions by them, and you are responsible for any transactions they perform.

  • How can I make a rollover/transfer in the portal?

    You will find the “HSA Transfer Request Form” under Tools & Support. Please complete the form and submit it to your current HSA provider, who will then close the account and mail a check to our Client Service Center for Health & Benefits for processing.

Debit Card FAQs

  • Will I receive a new HSA debit card?

    Yes. If you have a Pinnacle HSA debit card, you will receive a new Pinnacle | Health & Benefits debit card in November. You can use your current HSA card until it arrives. Please activate your new card by following the instructions that come with it and destroy your old card.

  • Is my HSA debit card number changing?

    Yes. Your new card has a new number. You will need to update your card number if you use it for recurring payments or have the card information stored with merchants. If you have any difficulty activating your new card, please call our Client Service Center for Health & Benefits at 888-282-2605.

  • How will my new card work at a store?

    Your new Pinnacle | Health & Benefits card will recognize and allow payment only for IRS-qualified medical purchases at approved merchants. This means you may need more than one payment method to complete your entire purchase, because your Health & Benefits card typically authorizes only certain items. At the card terminal, please use the credit option instead of debit. If asked for your PIN, hit "enter" and run it as credit. The exception is Walmart, which requires the PIN.

  • My card isn't working. What should I do?

    If you've tried to use your new card at the point of sale and the transaction was declined, it may be for one of the following reasons:

    Did you activate the card? You should activate it by calling the number on the sticker, 866-898-9795.

    Are you trying to use the old card after you activated the new, vertical card? If you've received the new card, you should activate it and use it right away. After you use the new card successfully, please destroy the old card.

    Are you trying to purchase ineligible items? The new card is substantiated, meaning it is smart enough to know whether the item is HSA or FSA eligible and will decline items that don't qualify. You can find a list of eligible items here.

    Are you trying to use it at a merchant that doesn't sell eligible items? For example, it won't work at a restaurant. You can search for eligible merchants here.

    Are you running the transaction as debit instead of credit? Many retailers will ask you to enter your PIN, but doing so may not allow the transaction to go through. If asked for your PIN, hit "enter" and run it as credit. The exception is Walmart, which requires the PIN.

    If none of the above addresses the issue, please call our Client Service Center for Health & Benefits at 888-282-2605. They are available from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. CT Monday - Friday.

Investment FAQs

  • Can I continue to invest my HSA funds?

    Yes. The Health & Benefits portal offers flexible investment options to help you manage and grow your money. You can visit the portal to transfer funds between your HSA deposit account and HSA investments quickly and easily. You can view your current investments in the new system.

  • Are there requirements for investing?

    Yes. To invest HSA funds, you must keep a minimum of $2,000 cash balance in your health savings deposit account. You can invest the rest in increments of $100 or more. You will need to opt in to investments to set up any sweeps between accounts. You can learn more about how to manage investments in the portal on page 9 of the Pinnacle | Health & Benefits Consumer Guide.

  • Do deposits or investments from other Pinnacle accounts count toward the daily balance for my HSA?

    No. Only HSA deposits and investments count toward the average combined daily balance.

  • How long does transferring money between HSA deposits and investments take?

    It depends on when the trade is initiated, but please allow up to 3 business days for them to transfer.

  • What if I need to put money back into my HSA deposit account to pay a bill?

    You can do that. When paying for a qualifying expense, the debit card only looks at the balance in the deposit account. For example, if you have $2,000 in your deposit account but know you have a $4,000 expense coming up, you'll want to transfer funds from the investment account at least 3 days in advance to cover it. When needed, the system will automatically sweep funds back in $100 increments into your health savings deposit account to cover healthcare expenses and keep your cash balance at the $2,000 minimum.