Debit Card Controls

Our debit card alerts and controls help keep your accounts secure.

Features are available in Pinnacle's personal Online Banking that allow you to:

  • Temporarily turn your card “off” if you misplace it (and back "on" when you find it).
  • Get email or text notifications if a purchase is over a certain limit or made in a certain channel—or all purchases, if you prefer.
  • Deny transactions over a certain limit or used in certain channels, such as online, at an ATM or via digital wallet.
  • Get alerted to or deny in-person international transactions.

Debit card controls are fully integrated into Pinnacle’s personal Online Banking and mobile app. Just click the “Cards” tab on your account page to get started. If you'd like more information, check out the following resources:

You can also watch a 90 second demo video here:

Placing a hold on your card will prevent new transactions—including purchases, ATM activity and digital wallet transactions—from being approved while you try to find it. However, transactions that are flagged as previously authorized recurring payments, credits, refunds and reversals may be approved while your card is turned off. Turning your card off is not a replacement for reporting your card as lost or stolen. If you’ve lost your card and are unable to recover it, call us to cancel it and receive a new one. Contact us immediately if you believe unauthorized transactions have been made.