Jim Snypes

Jim Snypes

Jim Snypes
Mortgage Advisor
NMLS #: 524918

1431 New Garden Road
Greensboro, NC27410
Phone: 336.881.3344
Fax: 336.881.3284


"Mortgages aren’t just about the best rate and the best terms. They are about getting people where they want to be.

In working with a couple who were buying a bigger house, I couldn’t figure out why they wanted to spend the extra money for more space. So I asked them why and the answer was simple. She wanted a room where she could enjoy sewing, and he wanted a garage big enough for him to work on his old car. It wasn’t just about a bigger house. It was about their quality of life in having the space to be what they wanted to be and do what they wanted to do.

The mortgage process can be very stressful, but working as partners we can take a look at the complete financial picture and find the right solution to make it easier. It’s my honor to work with families as they realize their dreams of home ownership."

About Jim

  • From “down east” in Goldsboro, NC, and now lives in Greensboro
  • Married “way up” to a wonderful woman who loves to cook, travel and dance with him
  • Served as chairman of the Greensboro Carolina Club, served as treasurer for The Society of Bacchus and is active in Westminster Presbyterian Church
  • Is always ready to talk about good eastern-style barbecue

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