Assistance for Federal Employees and Contractors

Assistance for Federal Employees and Contractors

Relief for Those Affected by the U.S. Government Shutdown

As a Pinnacle client, you can depend on us in your time of need. We are offering relief resources to help if you are a federal employee or contractor affected by the U.S. government shutdown.

  • If you are a Pinnacle loan client, please contact us. You may be eligible to defer loan payments and/or waive late payment fees incurred during the shutdown.
  • If you have a Pinnacle Certificate of Deposit, we will waive early withdrawal penalties if you need to redeem a CD prior to its maturity, as long as it’s not within the first seven days after opening.
  • If you have a Pinnacle checking account, we will refund up to five overdraft fees.
  • If you have a Pinnacle credit card, we will refund credit card late payment fees for January.

Call your financial advisor or nearest office to talk over the details. If you’re not sure who to talk with, call 800-264-3613 in Tennessee or 800-262-7175 in the Carolinas and Virginia. We’ll document your situation, and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

We always consider clients to be our friends and family, and that’s never truer than when you need us most.