Plans Can Bring Peace of Mind in a Crisis

Crises like the COVID-19 pandemic stir up fear and uncertainty. As Pinnacle carries out plans to ensure service to clients, we know you are taking steps to prepare for and mitigate the impact of the outbreak on you and your family.

Here are a few things you can do to prepare for this emergency or any other. And remember, though our office operations have changed for the crisis, Pinnacle’s team of financial advisors and other associates are still here to support you through this time.

Set up the digital channels that are available to you. Pinnacle offers a number of ways to conduct your banking electronically or by phone. Online and mobile banking offer robust features and many of the daily services for personal and business banking. Our Client Service Center is staffed 24/7 by people who answer the phone when you call the numbers below. And the Pinnacle Anytime automated system is available to help you review your balances and transactions, transfer funds or stop a payment, and even get information on loans and CDs by calling 866-755-5428.

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Look at your budget and emergency cash reserves. A large-scale disruption of everyday life can impact your finances, whether due to the effect of the virus on your workplace or industry or a depletion of any paid time off due to an extended illness. This is the type of situation where emergency cash is vital. If you don’t already have money set aside, it’s never too late to start. Consider a rework of your budget to look for ways to divert cash that would otherwise go to nonessential expenses, and then find the right savings vehicle, like a money market or traditional savings account, that gives you ready access at a moment’s notice.

Draft a short-term plan for the next 2-4 weeks. Just writing down top priorities and next steps can create a sense of normalcy and keep your attention on what’s most important. If you have young children, set up backup arrangements for care, with cash on hand to pay for sitters or incidentals. Set up scheduled payments online for household bills, prepare checks and envelopes for mailing, or write instructions for someone you trust – your spouse or partner, for example – to take care of them in the event you become ill.

Review your investment strategy. View current news coverage through a long-range lens. Market volatility is expected during times of uncertainty. A balanced, forward-looking plan based on your financial goals should always be your roadmap, even during times of crisis. The temptation to react quickly to volatility is strong but not always correct. Our team of investment advisors has experience with crises like this one. They are monitoring the situation and can provide insight and answer questions.


In the face of stress, reaching out to experienced professionals and having a simple plan for “what to do next” can be reassuring. For additional emergency preparedness resources, visit For Pinnacle’s latest updates on our response and how it affects our offices, visit


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