Positive Pay

Positive Pay

According to the Federal Reserve Bank, an estimated $1 billion worth of fraudulent checks are cashed each year. The Positive Pay service at Pinnacle combines two services to offer a company protection against fraudulent check writing activity while providing an automated check reconciliation process.

How It Works

Every time you issue checks, you send an electronic file transmission of the check information to Pinnacle. The file contains the issue date, check numbers, and check amounts. As checks are presented for payment against your account, Pinnacle cross-references each one to the issued check information you have transmitted to us. If an item does not match due to an incorrect check number or check amount, we notify you. After reviewing an image of the mismatched item, you make a decision to pay the item or return it as fraudulent.


Since Pinnacle is matching each day's paid items to the issue file you sent, your account is actually being reconciled daily. At the end of each month, Pinnacle transmits a file of information to you containing the paid date, check number and check amount for each paid item.

For more information about our services, call your Pinnacle financial advisor or contact one of our treasury management advisors.

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