Electronic Collections (ACH)

Electronic Collections (ACH)

Give your customers the option to have their accounts electronically debited. ACH collections allow you to automatically draft your clients' accounts for single or recurring payments (such as membership fees, dues, rental payments and other payments).

In addition to the convenience for your clients, ACH transactions offer a host of cash flow benefits, better control of payment collection, greater availability of funds and fewer opportunities for delinquent payments and late-billing. It also eliminates the risk of check fraud.

How It Works

Once we get you set up on our ACH system, you'll simply send us your file of pre-authorized ACH debits to be made to each of your customers' accounts and we will process the transactions and credit your account on the settlement date.

Pinnacle is dedicated to providing clients with distinctive service and effective advice. We do everything in our power to protect our clients from fraudulent activities through online services.Here are some things you can do to protect yourself.

For more information about our services, call your Pinnacle financial advisor or contact one of our treasury management advisors.

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