Keys to a Great Workplace

Keys to a Great Workplace

We created an award-winning culture, and you can, too.

With 10 national awards and more than 20 local and regional honors, Pinnacle is known as a great place to work. For us, having the best workplace is about more than winning trophies. It’s the very basis of our business model.

It’s simple: 

If you run your business with a focus on how you treat your employees, client service will take care of itself.

We're sharing our keys to creating a great workplace. Each is written by one of Pinnacle’s experts in the field. They are financial advisors with more than 140 years of combined experience who largely focus on helping small businesses grow.

As an added bonus, our President and CEO Terry Turner has penned a piece about how to maintain that special small business feel even as your company grows.

Please make plans to join the authors of these articles and other local business owners at our free Keys to a Great Workplace Summit on June 16, 2017.


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  • Stop sifting through resumes to build a great workplace culture
    • The direction of your company and its culture starts before you hire a single employee. Your recruiting strategy is responsible for a lot more than who works for you. It will determine what your company will be.
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  • 3 essential phases of onboarding new hires
    • Keep these three stages in mind to build an onboarding process that goes the extra mile for your employees – just like you want them to do for their clients.
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  • How to challenge your people so they never stop improving
    • Growth shouldn’t just be about focusing on the next rung of the ladder. It takes a combination of tactics to help everyone find the place they want to be (and stay).
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  • 4 tips for building a smart incentive plan
    • Talk about motivation typically revolves around the carrot and the stick: a reward or a threat that makes a person do what you want them to do. That’s a lousy way to run a business.
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  • Treat your employees like clients, and you'll end up keeping both
    • Your company serves two sets of people: clients and employees. At Pinnacle, both are central to our company vision statement because both are essential to our success.
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  • Make your performance appraisals empowering and inspiring
    • The appraisal process doesn't have to be didactic or contentious. Everyone has a role to play in evaluation, and if done correctly, everyone can walk away feeling empowered and even inspired.
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  • How to keep that small business feel as you grow
    • How can we continue to meet and exceed our associates’ and clients’ expectations as we grow larger and expand into new markets? As always, it’s the people.
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