Client Satisfaction

Client Satisfaction

Approximately 40 percent of our clients return our annual surveys; a remarkable number given the standard reply rate is around 2 percent. More amazing is that 97 percent of these clients continue to report that "Pinnacle is recognizably better than its competition."

Whether feedback is from surveys or informally as we interact with clients, it is clear they are finding something at Pinnacle that they can't find elsewhere.

Here's how our clients rated Pinnacle in our most recent survey (responses are on a 1-5 scale with "1" being strongly disagree and "5" being strongly agree with the statement).

My Financial Advisor...2010201120122013
Is in touch with me frequently enough to know and meet my needs. 4.70 4.72 4.70 4.73
Listens to me and understands my needs before proposing a solution. 4.81 4.82 4.82 4.83
Involves other specialists when needed to ensure I get the best advice. 4.78 4.77 4.79 4.80
Introduces me to others including key decision makers to ensure I will be taken care of in his/her absence. 4.70 4.71 4.72 4.74
Demonstrates knowledge and experience necessary to meet my needs. 4.86 4.85 4.85 4.87
Provides me with knowledge and creative insights that I would not have had without him/her. 4.67 4.68 4.68 4.71
Generally offers several workable solutions. 4.71 4.73 4.73 4.75
Makes proposals that are generally responsive to my needs 4.77 4.77 4.78 4.78
Provides timely responses to my requests. 4.85 4.85 4.84 4.87
Follows up to ensure that things have happened as they should have. 4.80 4.80 4.81 4.83
Ensures accuracy in all our work. 4.84 4.81 4.83 4.85
Makes me aware of potential problems before they become real problems. 4.72 4.73 4.74 4.76
Delivers against his/her commitments. 4.85 4.84 4.85 4.86
Is recognizably better than his/her competitors. 4.80 4.80 4.80 4.83


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